Mamadi is a Malian national who holds a Master's degree in International Management of Insurance from University Paris Nord XIII, France.

Having studied English and German at the Faculty of Languages, Arts and Human Sciences in Bamako, Mali, he moved to France in 2003 to complete his university curriculum, and graduated in 2009 from University Paris XIII.

During his studies, he underwent a certain number of valuable internships, first in 2007 (2 months) as producer for AGF Mali Assurances (now ALLIANZ Mali), then in 2008 (3 months) as trainee in Maritime Claims Handling for P&I Correspondent SENEGAL P&I, and finally in 2009 (5 months) as Deputy Yacht Underwriter for AXA YACHTING SOLUTIONS.
Having graduated, he joined permanently the FRANCE P&I organization, starting with a training period at IVORY P&I, and following by a permanent residency as Junior Legal Adviser at the FRANCE P&I Paris Head Office.

Over time, Mamadi took over the operational management of CAMEROON P&I and, to a lesser extent, the supervision of operations in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea (Bata and Malabo).

In February 2010, eager to take a more direct active part in the evolution of the FRANCE P&I African network, Mamadi moved to Douala to take over the general management of CAMEROON P&I.

He is now assisted by Stephane GROKROU.
Office : +237-243 19 25 79
Mobile / A.O.H. : +237-697 09 96 07
Email :